Emotional Highs
Emotional Lows
Irrational Behavior
Understand Bipolar
Trigger Mechanisms
Specialized Treatments
Role of Medication
Manage Symptoms
Family Perspective
Healing Process
David's Journey
and much more...

The Bipolar Coach

David Mariant
Bipolar Disorder Author, Educator, Advocate

"Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success."  
Dale Carnegie

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David Mariant...  author, speaker, educator, founder of the "The Bipolar Coach" and "Surviving Bipolar". Thousands have been reached by radio in over 30 countries worldwide. A speaker who has been recognized by mental health professionals and bipolar sufferers alike, as a top expert on overcoming Bipolar Disorder. Having overcome his own struggle with bipolar, he fully understands, with great compassion, the struggles of others.

“This book is a God-send! In its pages, the reader will find an understanding of oneself and one’s diagnosis, strategies for coping, and a hope for the future.” – Michelle Toste

“Very informative and needed, a real page turner, a must read for the bipolar and those who love them.” – Annette Butler

“The most illuminating account I have ever read about bipolar disorder. If you are a parent or loved one…you have to read this book!” – David Marvin


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