The Bipolar Coach

David Mariant
Bipolar Disorder Author, Educator, Advocate

“Dave Mariant, with his wife Diane, has written an inspiring and useful account of the nature of bipolar affective illness and how to survive it. Especially riveting, are the juxtaposed experiences of Mr. Mariant and his wife during times he was floridly manic. While taking pains to avoid interfering with professional treatment, he empowers patients and their families to take charge of the illness and make active choices to cope with and even grow from their experience. He includes many immediately practical recommendations that could otherwise take years to learn, while a humane spirit of understanding, compassion and humility permeates the book. It should be required reading for newly diagnosed bipolar patients and their families.”

Jonathan Russ, M.D., Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus,
Stanford University  School of Medicine
"I have found Surviving Bipolar's Fatal Grip to be a valuable and helpful book for several reasons. It is, firstly, a very easy to read book about a family's experience into the area of Bipolar that is not often discussed. The Mariant's have opened themselves up to discuss some very private, often difficult periods in their lives. We get to learn about the experience of not only the patient but also the spouse. Plus, it is a good quick reference book about definitions, symptoms, side effects, etc. that can be useful to people who are struggling with this mental disorder in their families or themselves. Thirdly, it describes some techniques and procedures that have been successful for David during his struggle to maintain a more normal life while living with Bipolar Disorder that others may use for themselves."

Dr. Susan E. Klear
Licensed Psychologist

“Finally we hear it from the source itself…thanks for not holding back!”

Sarah Williams - Living with bipolar disorder

“Part of my spirituality was reborn through your written words.”

Rachel - Living with Bipolar

"I got this book to see if there was any new strategies to handling this disorder and I was surprised buy the help from both sides, the loved ones and the one who suffers from it. It shows practical tips and coping skills. It is easy to read and understand and think that everyone that has this should get a copy for themselves and for their families."

"You could not get any more transparent than this.” 

Shirley De Ridder - Family member

"My husband is bi-polar and I've read a lot of books on it. This book really hit home and I could relate to so much of it. It gives Mariant's recall of events he went through, then his wife's side of it. It really helps one to better understand someone who is bi-polar. Thank you David Mariant for sharing with the world the difficult time you went through in helping us to better understand bi-polar! Best book on bipolar I have read so far."

Janice C. Henderson - Spouse

"This book was so packed full of great information and tips. I have suggested it to many people who suffer from this disorder. I would recommend it to anyone in the equation ... sufferer, family member, significant other, etc. Love this book! "


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