The Bipolar Coach

David Mariant
Bipolar Disorder Author, Educator, Advocate

My mission is to provide practical, usable information that will equip any person who may be struggling emotionally, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or another mental illness, or suspects that they might be influenced by a bipolar condition. This book is also great for helping family members or others who are living with a person influenced by bipolar, to help them better understand the illness and cope with their loved one struggling with it.

Though the original retail price for my book was $20, it is now for sale at $9.95 because I want to make it easier for anyone to purchase. Getting this information into the hands of those who need it is vital to everyday life.

After benefiting from the information that I am providing you, perhaps your experience can benefit someone else. I hope that, together, we can reach more people who need this knowledge. As an author, educator, speaker, and advocate, having been involved in mental health organizations, I have done my part to make my life better, and also strive to help others make their lives better. I hope that you find this book to be very helpful to you and your loved ones.

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